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A Guide To Investor Pitch Decks For Startup Fundraising
Published on: March 5, 2022

Raising funds and getting funded is the dream of almost every startup, and the day of funding is probably one of the happiest days of a founder’s or Co-founder’s life. But it takes a lot of effort and dedication to build a startup and get funded. The stage of funding is considered one of the most important stages of a startup. You’ll see thousands of startups out there, trying to grow, trying to raise funds like you, how are you gonna make a difference? Angel investors and Venture Capitals are watching hundreds of pitch decks daily, and if you want to make them remember your pitch deck and business plan, you really have to be perfect. Through this article, I’m gonna tell you how you can make a perfect pitch deck for investors and make an impact on their minds. Here are some steps that you should follow to make a perfect pitch deck ppt:

1. Introduction
The first informational slide of your ppt deck content should always be your introduction. Briefly and efficiently describe yourself, and why you’re there. Don’t be boring here and try something creative to grab the attention of the investors, and create an impact.

2. Identify Problems
Do you know before looking at your product, investors always look at the problems? Investors know problem-solving products always grab the market, and that’s why they look for problems. Before presenting your product, always show investors the 2-3 problems that people are facing. Those problems would make the investors attracted to your product, and you’ll get an edge.

3. Show the Solution
As people say, every problem comes with a solution. By presenting the problems, you’ll get the focus of the investors, and they would be curious about the solution. At this stage, present the unique solution that you have. You’ve to present the solution very clearly and easily to make investors understand the concept. Don’t try to get fancy here, make the solution simple for your investor.

4. Show Investors the Market Size and opportunity
After showing the problems and solutions, now you must show the investors how big the market is for the solution, and how you and they can together grab the business opportunity there. Here the investors think about business and getting a return on their investments, so be practical and present real numbers only.

5. Products
Here is the most important part of your pitch deck ppt. After presenting problems, solutions, and opportunities, now you have the full attention of your investor. Now, it’s the perfect time to use that attention and talk about your actual product. Show investors your product, and how your product can cure problems. Always remember, great products are the problem-solving ones.

6. Talk About Your Ideas and Plans for Your Startup
At this stage, you’ll tell investors how you’re planning to grow, what’s your strategy, and most importantly what’s your capital goal. This will help your investors to get a clear idea about your roadmap.

7. Introduce Your Team
Now, introduce investors to your startup’s work culture, employees and describe how they are valuable to you.

8. Showcase Your Financial Knowledge and how you gonna use the fund
You’ve to show investors your financial knowledge and how you gonna use the fund to grow your startup. Talk about your competition, you have any.

So, guys, these were some very important steps that you must follow to create a perfect pitch deck for investors. Make sure your pitch deck content is not more than 20 slides and always use real numbers. If you can’t create a pitch deck ppt professionally, search for a pitch deck agency, hire a pitch deck writer, but be professional at what you do.