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PitchKrafts helps startups connect with Investors and VCs

We Take the Pain Out of Raising Money

Accelerate X envisions creating an end-to-end 360-degree-in sign solution for the fundraising process. We help startups craft strong pitch materials, evaluate and get deals, and finally connect them with the potential investors who believe in them.

Why Founders Love Us

Our Community of Founders is as Valuable As The Money. We Know How To Value That Treasure.

  • No Complex System

    We are not a deal-sharing platform where you have to log in and logout every time. We personalize your investment journey and handpick only the best for you.

  • Secured and Trusted

    We take data privacy very seriously. Hence, we never ask for your sensitive information except for your email and phone number, which are protected too.

  • Transparency

    The whole fundraising process is completely transparent. We keep everything on the table, so that we can form a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • Personal Touch

    We get that, not every startup is relevant to every investor. Hence, we present great startup ideas to the investors of related industries, privately, by being in direct contact.

  • Reliable Connections

    We have spent years creating the best investor network so far in the market. We'll connect you with the top HNIs, VCs, and Investors, all around the globe.

A platform that brings the startups and investors who vest in their beliefs, closer.

We bring promising high-growth startups that are fundable and ethical, to top investors that are looking for the next big thing, ensuring that unique and potential-filled startups get financial backing and investors never miss a great investment proposal.

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With you at every step of the way

Startups often have one common issue: connecting with investors and raising capital. There is a humungous untapped raw potential in the start-up ecosystem. It is powerful and surreal when someone believes in you and vouches for it by funding it. That’s what Accelerate X by PitchKrafts is. We are here to help you carve a successful path where you achieve your dreams, whether it’s to build a SaaS tool or another D2C brand.

Know more

With over 500+ investment resources on our platform, we’ll connect you to the whole investors’ ecosystem. We understand what investors want to see in a startup. Hence, we can help you put your best foot forward.

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