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Key Elements of a Good Pitch Deck and How to Weave a Story
Published on: March 5, 2022

Going for fundraising? Make sure you’ve got a good pitch deck ppt ready. A good pitching deck is like a blessing for a Startup, because it’s the thing that represents your Startup to investors. People often talk about the importance of a good pitching deck, but rarely about how to make one. If you’re a Founder or a Co-founder, don’t ever compromise the quality of your pitching deck, because a good pitching deck can make your Startup smile on the fundraising table. You may ask a pitch deck agency to create your pitch deck ppt but make sure you tell them to input the magic key elements. you don’t know about those key elements? Here are the six key elements that you should include to make a great pitch deck:

1. Problems
Problems are probably the most important element of your pitch deck. Highlight the problems, grab the attention of the investors, and make them curious about the solution. Presenting real-life problems would be a big edge for Startups. Never forget to make a different slide to discuss problems.

2. Market Opportunity
Because of the market opportunities, investors invest in Startups, so be efficient to present market opportunities. This is the key portion, and Founders and Co-founders should definitely include it in the pitch deck ppt. Try to use real numbers and stats, and give investors a real-life view.

3. Solution
Investors expect you to show solutions. Startups should add a solution slide in the pitch deck ppt, describing the solution as they’re trying to make a 13-year-old understand. There should be clarity, there should be transparency. Adding the solution slide is a must.

4. Your Product
Products are the most important element. Describe your product, how your product matches the solution, and how your product can bring value to peoples’ lives.

5. Business Plan
For every Startup, having a clear business plan is mandatory. It’d be hard for any Startup to raise funds without having a proper business -plan. Investors are there to do business. The element of business planning is very important in pitch decks.

6. Goals and How You Gonna Use the Funds
Having clarity about business goals is very much appreciated by the investors. Also, Startups should show how they’re going to properly channel the funds and make growth. This will increase the trust of the investors.

These are some key elements Startups need to add to the pitch deck. By creating a powerful pitch deck, Startups can raise millions and billions.

How to weave a Story for Your Pitch Deck?
Lots of people ask why stories are so important for pitch deck? Studies say that stories make messages 22x more memorable and 92% of people want to see brand ads with stories. Showing more stories than hard numbers can be beneficial because stories create an impact on minds. Here are some quick tips to weave a story:
1. Input the real-life problem
2. Show how products will solve the problem
3. Evoke emotions to get the attention
4. Never lose logic
5. Show the money-making part.

Create an impactful pitch deck for investors, build stories, and build Startups.