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Numi Paris

A Luxury Eyewear Brand & European Crafted Farmwear oriented Company with International Operations and products that fit the Parisian style and grandeur. Designed exclusively in Paris, with strongholds in NY, Dubai, Hong Kong & India.
Numi Paris has a host of styles and brands such as Voyager, Superstar, Glass, Wood, and other Framewear & eyewear accessories, all envisioned and created for Luxury and Class in Paris, France. Today, Numi Paris is globally established and has worked with top celebrities like KL Rahul to promote their vision. Their campaigns and deals with platforms like Hotstar have propelled them to new heights. We enjoyed working with Numi Paris, with our Pitch Deck experts creating the perfect deck for global investors and a solid business plan to back the same.

Services Offered:

Investment Pitch Deck, Business Plan, Investment Advisory

Funding Raised:


Published on: September 16, 2022
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