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While it is helpful for investors to know the estimated value of your business, but it isn't necessarily the dominant reason why an investor will invest in a startup. Quite often, convincing an investor is more about being influential, passionate and bold about your business idea. Investors need to know that you, as a business owner, will do everything you can to make the business work.

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Valuation is the process used to determine the value of the company. The most common methods of valuation are DCF, which uses the free cash flows for the firm derived from the financial statements, and Comparable Valuation which uses metrics such as sales multiple and EBITDA multiple of similar companies and applies the same to the subject company to determine it's value. When we look at investing in any company, it is very important to understand that we are buying into the future and hence want to know the future prospects of the same. This is very important for startups as we are looking at value propositions on the basis of no history and hence the entire value is derived from the future. Having worked with numerous companies, we provide guidance regarding various aspects of projections and valuation to help you get your funding.

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  • Capital
  • Revenue
  • SG&A and
  • Working Capital
  • Projected 3


  • Funding Required

    Capital Table

  • Multiple Based
  • Comparative
  • Key Valuations
  • Pre and Post

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